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Zoology & Dairy Science

 The Department of Zoology was established in 1957 as separate Department, under the headship of Dr. A.C. Choudhari.Department runs U.G. as well as P.G. classes in Zoology, Animal husbandry and Dairy Science at U.G. level.

 Department has well equipped museum and research laboratory recognized by University. Major instrument like Photocolorimeter, Kymograph, Thermostat, Research binocular microscope, pH meter, etc. are available in the department. Department organizes educational tours, seminars, group discussions to maintain academic atmosphere among students.

Department has models of Dinosaurs, archaeopteryx, human anatomy and preserved specimen of whale, lepidosteus, amia, iguana, peripatus, preserved human embryos and cattle embryos etc. Alizarine preparation of Bird, tortoise, calotes, rat embryo are prepared by  the Department.  Dr. A.B. Deshpande was appointed as Head of the Department in year 1976. Under his able guidance Department has started Post Graduation studies in Zoology in theyear 1990 with Endocrinology and Fishery Science as special subjects.  Dr. S.D. Dandegaonkar, former head of the Department took the charge from 1996.Four research fellows Mr. Sirsat, Mr. Raut, Miss. Mulajkar, Miss. Jawale are working in the research laboratory of the Department since 2001.

Department is running COSIP programme sanctioned by U.G.C. The Projects undertaken in COSIP are: -

           -      Study of biodiversity of Taluka Ambajogai.

           -      Study of problems related to pisciculture.

           -      Study of techniques in experimental embryology and cross breed development programme. 

Dr.D.H.Throat is HOD and holds the post of Vice Principal in  the Collge Administration.

Mr.S.R.Lahoti is the Incharge of the Dairy dept. and Dr. R. Choudhari is working as a Lecturer in Dairy dept.