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Physics and Electronics

The department is engaged in teaching Physics at undergraduate level since 1956 and later on the department is expanded by introducing Electronics subject from 1983.

Students of B.Sc. can select the optional subjects from the combinations prescribed in the college along with English as first language and Hindi/Marathi/Urdu as second language. Some of the nobel ex-staff members  are

 Shri. I. Surya Narayan, Shri. P.S. Joshi (presently Joint Secretary of Yogeshwari Education Society.), Shri. B.R. Badve, Shri. G.D. Humbad, Shri S.M.Patil Department has well equipped, specious Laboratories with staff common room, Darkroom and store room.A new Lab of ten IBM computers has been set up to fulfill the requirement of Practical.

The maximum care is taken by the department so that student can handle instruments individually to carry their practiced work.  Laboratories are also upgraded by adding more instruments to the department under COSIP.

Shri. B.R. Badve, ex-Head of the department prepared two audio visual cassettes. The advance syllabus is introduced in the college from academic year 2003 2004.  So, a lab of 10 computers is constructed to run the practical smoothly.

Present HOD Mr. A. J. Muley has written two specific books for B.Sc.FY and SY courses. He is assisted by Lecturer Miss.Parlikar Madam.The department of Electronics has separate infrastructure with digital Electronics kits, CRO, Multimeters ,Microprocessor Kits .At preset Mr.A.U.Dhabharde and Dr.S.D.Ghan are associated with it