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Department is imparting education in chemistry from the establishment of the college. At present the department offer chemistry, and Analytical chemistry at U G level and organic chemistry at PG level.


 There are four labs, one balance room, one preparation room, store room, acid room, analytical lab & separate M.Sc. lab. 160 students can work at a time in laboratories. The area of chemistry department is about 756 sq. meters.  The ex-staff members served includes


1. R. S. Lawande  

2. M.D. Nadkarni 

3. P. L. Deshmukh

4. L. N. Nilekar              

5. N. V. Bhirud                 

6. S.D. Mohrir    


Ex-Principal Shri. P.L. Deshmukh visited Japan & Glassgow University, England for paper reading.  He was the only Principal selected for the same.  The COSIP scheme was sanctioned to the college in 2001.The college started M.Sc. course in chemistry on non-grant basis from 1994. The department arrange guest lectures of eminent persons, seminars, workshops to enhance the quality of higher education.

At present Shri.S.L.Deshmukh is HOD and Mrs.K. J. deshpande is Vice Principal in College Administration. Other departmental colleagues are Shri.V.R.Choudhari ,Dr.Gaikwad ,Shri.Kanetkar, Shri Jadhawar and  other contributory staff.