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Botany and Microbiology

Yogeshwari Mahavidyalaya started in year 1956 as single science faculty college at Ambajogai.  It was affiliated to Osmania University, Hyderabad. In the beginning there was Biology Department, headed by Mrs. S. G. Kulkarni.  Under the able guidance of Mrs. S.G. Kulkarni and Dr. A. D. Bhate, Department of Botany was well equipped with all facilities to teach and do research in Botany and Microbiology.

 At present college runs graduation courses for B.Sc. degree in Botany and Microbiology as one of the optionals.  There are various combinations such as Bot-Zoo-Comp.Sci., Bot–Zool–Chem, Bot–Zool–MicroB. and Bot—Chem-MicroB. and students can  opt any one of the above combinations.  At Third year level, students can opt to any one stream like Economic Botany, Plant Protection, Angiosperms etc.

 In the year 1984-85 Microbiology was introduced as one of the applied subject.

In the department there is well arranged museum, one junior laboratory, one Senior laboratory, a separate Microbiology laboratory and preparation cum research room.  Department is well equipped with instruments like microscopes, incubators, auto-clave, shaker, monopan balance colorimeters, centrifuges, air samplers, PH-meters, glass wares, bio-visual aids and photographic unit. There is well maintained botanical garden in our college. There are number of ornamental plants and some medicinal plants in our garden.  It caters the need of various plants and plant parts required for regular practicals.

Department of Botany from its establishment has been active in different activities concerned with plant sciences, as planting of trees in college campus and in town, establishing gardens, exhibitions, and providing guidance to local persons, farmers and nurseries. Under the present COSIP scheme sanctioned to college, Department of Botany and Micro biology have submitted 5 projects out of which two are near completion. Both projects are related to current problems of pollution of water and Air. All the staff members are active in research, participating in conferences, seminars, guiding students for research work and inculcating research attitude. 

Shri. R.D. Joshi and Dr. Hamde from Microbiology department have undertaken survey of underground water to test for its potability.

In the last decade Aero biological  studies over different  crops at Ambajogai had been carried out by Dr. Khot, Dr. Bhate, Dr. Mrs. Deshmukh.  At present Dr. Bhiowgude has carried out Air sampling for allergens  at patient’s residence, who were suffering from Asthma.

 Department of Botany every year carries out local excursion for students to study vegetation.  Staff of Microbiology dept. every year carries out blood grouping of students and staff.  A list of persons with their blood groups  is made available to S.R.T..R. Medical College and those who need it.

Staff members of Botany and Microbiology are trying their best  to :-

1)   educate students in their subject

2)   preparing them to take part in research

3)   making them aware of current biological problems of public concern and relevance

4)   preparing them for social work