National Cadets Corps (N.C.C.)

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The N.C.C. unit has remained busy throughout the whole year conducting programmes, functions and competitions to build the youth with the national feelings of unity, service, secularism, discipline, etc. Following are some of the activities to be mentioned here:
  1. Our four cadets participated the ‘Ten Day Disaster Management Training Camp’ at Pune, conducted from 24th January 2008.
  2. Seventeen cadets from our N.C.C. Unit participated the ‘Ten Day Annual Training Programme’ held at Mahatma Basveshwar Engineering College, Ambajogai from 30th June 2008.
  3. Captain S.P.Kulkarni accompanied the two cadets to attend the ‘Avhan Camp’ held at Nagpur for ten days.
  4. The N.C.C. unit of our college arranged and conducted ‘Tree Plantation Programme’ in and around the Ambajogai town from 10th September 2008.
  5. Two N.C.C. cadets were felicitated for their participation in ‘National Unity Camp’ held at Delhi from 28th September 2008.
  6. ‘Operation Clean’ was conducted for four days in the temple of ‘AMBA DEVI DURGA’ at Ambajogai during the holy festival ‘Navratra’ which was graced by the presence of tahsildar Shri. Deshmukh, Police Inspector, Shri. B.Mudiraj and Secretary, Yogeshwari Deval Committee, Shri Kamlakarrao Chausalkar. Our 70 students rendered their services for this operation.
  7. 60 N.C.C. cadets participated the Shramdaan at the temple of holy ‘RENUKA DEVI’ and built a ‘bandh’ for water preservation, on 20th October 2008.
  8. ‘AIDS Awareness Rally’ was conducted on 7th December 2008 and a guidance lecture was delivered by Dr. Arsude.
  9. The N.C.C. Unit in collaboration with the Ambajogai Municipality arranged a Rally and celebrated the ‘Saint Gadebaba Swachhta Abhiyan’ in Ambajogai on 20 th Dec.2008. The function was graced by municipality Chairman, Shri Rajkishor Modi.
  10. In collaboration with the Rotary club of Ambajogai, the N.C.C. Unit of our S.R.T. College conducted ‘Pulse Polio Abhiyan’ for the awareness of polio hazards on 21 st Dec.2008.
  11. Safety Abhiyan was conducted on 7 th Jan.2009. The  R.T.O. delivered a lecture on the rules of fraffic and safe driving.
  12. The Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhashchandra Bose was celebrated on 23rd Jan.2009.
  13. N.C.C. “B” Certificate Examination was conducted under the supervision of Exam. Officer Subhedar Major, on 7 th Feb.2009.
  14. 50 cadets appeared for the ‘C’ Certificate Examination held at Aurangabad on 22 Feb.2009.
  15. The Sahara Scholarship cheques were issued to the three cadets at the auspicious hands of Hon. Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Nagnath Kotapalle and our Society Chaiman, Dr.Khursale on 7 th Mar.2009.