Cultural Department/ Dramatics

To give scope to the artistic and creative inborn faculties of our students, the Cultural Department, this year, conducted the following activities and competitions:-

1) 30th July 2008:

The famous Kirtan artist Shri Khandu Gaikwad presented the Kirtan programme on the topic of ‘Sant Gadgebaba Swachhta Abhiyan’.

2) 1st Feb 2009:

Our students presented ‘A Prahasan (Parody)’ in the 89th Akhil Bahartiya Natya Sammelan held at Beed.

3) 23rd August 2008 :

  • Four Street Plays
  • Cleanliness
  • Anti-Dowry
  • Anti-addiction
  • Illiteracy

were performed on the occasion of University Foundation Day.

4) 17th August 2008 :

Our College team participated the Majalgaon Regional University Youth Festival by presenting following cultural items:

  • Folk Dance
  • Mime
  • Parody
  • Creative Dance
  • Rangoli
  • Poetry Recitation
  • Story Telling
  • Quiz Competition

Our team stood first in the following two events:

  • Creative Dance
  • Folk Dance

5) 5th November 2008 :

A Workshop on ‘Drama Reading’ was arranged in our college on the occasion of Marathi Rangbhoomi Din. It was participated by our students along with the local artists.

6) 25th Nov 2008 :

The famous Marathi Drama writer Shri G.P.Deshpande visited our Drama Department. He delivered a guidance lecture to our students.

7) 17th Jan 2009 :

The famous Marathi artists delivered a guidance speech to our students during their visit to our Drama Department. The following artists from Marathi play ‘Ekach Pyala’ were felicitated.

  • Jayant Savarkar
  • Upendra Date
  • Arvind Pilgaonkar
  • Rameshchandra Vaishyampayan

8) 24th Jan 2009 :

The famous Marathi artists- Dilip Paddhe, Jyoti Paddhe, Rajiv Kivlekar conducted a workshop on Drama/Story Reading.

9) March 2009 :

Following One Act Plays were enacted  in the Ekankika Mahotsav –

  • Operation Dagad.
  • Ya khelala Aant Nahi
  • Bighadle Swargache Dwar
  • Dial Q For Coral

10) 5th May 2009:

The National Award winner and the famous Cinema technician Mr Nilesh Upaddhe visited our college on the occasion of the Film Picturisation Workshop and guided the students.