Student's Council

The Indian youth is going to be responsible to make this India a super power in 2020. In this direction, we try to shape and build our student council members. Throughout the whole year different functions are arranged by our students’ council. Principles of democracy are tried to be imbibed into the students through students’ council elections. Following are the different associations constituting the council. Principal is the Chairman while the student representative is the secretary.

  1. N.S.S.
  2. N.C.C.
  3. Cultural Department
  4. Sports Department
  5. Literary Associations (Marathi, Hindi, English, Urdu)
  6. Ahilyabai Hoalkar Mandal
  7. Vocational Guidance Bureau
  8. Scholarship Holders Association
  9. Grievance Redressal Cell
  10. Debating Association
  11. Social Awareness Association
  12. Ramanandiya Wallpaper
  13. Commerce Association
  14. Social Sciences Association.
  15. Competitive Examination Committee.
  16. Discipline Committee

The Students’ Council was inaugurated at the auspicious hands of Hon. Anant Dixit, senior journalist and thinker. The function was presided over by Hon. Harish Deshpande, Joint secretary, Y.E.S., whereas the chief guests were Hon. Mahavir Jondhale, a literary personality, Adv.V.K. Chousalkar, Secretary, Y.E.S. and Adv. S.T. Karhad, Executive Vice-Chairman, Y.E.S.




Annual Social Gathering

We conducted Annual Social Gathering in the last week of January 2011 in a very simple way. This year we gave it a different form. Different competitions such as – Cultural, Sports, Debate, etc. were held and winners were felicitated and awarded. During the celebrations, Shramadan Shibirs, Blood Donation Camps, Premises Cleanliness Drive, Tree Plantation, Eradication of Congress Gavat were conducted for all types of awarenesses in the students. Our College donated an amount of Rs. 26,406/- to Bihar Flood Relief Fund.

Staff Academy

We have established teachers’ academy in our college. Every week, one by one, our teachers from all faculties present or deliver or read out their papers. Our all staff members and P.G. students participate  the activity and discuss the issues. The papers are generally on the contemporary social, political and cultural issues. It helps to create an academic atmosphere in the college. The discussions are also held on genuine works and recent publications.